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The National e-Invoice System in Poland – a revolution in settlements is set to take place in 2024

A new era of financial settlements is about to begin – all thanks to the National e-Invoice System. The implementation of this innovative system is planned in Poland for the year 2024 and aims not only to streamline but also to modernize the process of issuing invoices throughout the country.

Easier, faster, safer

Financial settlement processes will become significantly easier and more efficient, eliminating the need for traditional paper documents. The new system will enable quick issuance, transmission, and receipt of electronic invoices, greatly expediting the entire settlement process. The National e-Invoice System will also introduce modern security solutions, minimizing the risk of abuse and fraud. Electronic digital signatures and advanced data security technologies will be crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the transmitted information.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

Polish entrepreneurs will definitely benefit from the new e-Invoice system. The settlement process will become more transparent and environmentally friendly, eliminating the excessive use of paper associated with traditional invoices. Electronic invoices will be easier to manage, archive, and search, contributing to the improvement of business efficiency.

Collaboration with government administration

The National e-Invoice System will also enable better collaboration between entrepreneurs and the state administration. Electronic invoices can be seamlessly transmitted to tax authorities, reducing the amount of formalities and shortening the waiting time for tax refunds. This, in turn, will contribute to increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with administrative settlement processes.

What changes does it involve?

The implementation of the National e-Invoice System in Poland will require both technical and organizational changes to ensure the effectiveness and smooth operation of the new system.

Technical Preparation

  • IT Infrastructure – it will be necessary to install or adapt software that enables the generation, transmission, and receipt of electronic invoices;
  • Data Security – the implementation of the e-Invoice system will require the application of effective data security solutions, such as electronic digital signatures;

Staff Training

  • Training in the area of e-Invoices – understanding new procedures and tools will be crucial for effectively using the system.

Organizational Changes

  • Adaptation of business processes – includes, among other things, the methods of generating invoices, their storage, and procedures related to document control and approval.
  • Monitoring and reporting – companies will need to adjust their transaction monitoring and reporting systems to incorporate new criteria.

Communication with Business Partners

  • Collaboration with contractors – implementing the e-Invoice system will require coordinated cooperation with business partners.

Legal and Regulatory Changes

  • Updating legal regulations – the implementation of the National e-Invoice System may require updating legal regulations related to financial settlements and tax documentation; companies should monitor legislative changes and adapt to new requirements.

The introduction of the National e-Invoice System brings a range of benefits for various entities. The goal of the NFeS is to streamline business processes, reduce costs, support sustainable development, enhance document security, and enable companies to take advantage of modern solutions, contributing to the country’s economic development. This is a comprehensive initiative that requires involvement from both businesses and public administration. However, a key element is the understanding that, beyond technical aspects, the success of this initiative also depends on effective coordination of actions, educating market participants, and a flexible approach to potential challenges arising from the implementation process. The introduction of the National e-Invoice System is a step towards modernization, improvement, and optimization of financial processes. Electronic invoices have the potential to become a standard that will not only accelerate but also enhance the daily operations of entrepreneurs.

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